Welcome to Pacific Crest Trail Tales

The Pacific Crest Trail was our second thru-hike together! <3

In 2020 we both (Caveman & Flip-Flop) hiked from Mexico to Canada!

March 11th to September 29th – 2,652 miles

These are just some of our stories that we still share from our adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail.
A combination of our best and worst moments and, what we learned along the way. 

Pacific Crest Trail Tales

I carried this rock for +700 miles! Written By: Flip-Flop If you ask PCT thru-hikers what they thought about the lava rock

How COVID affected our thru-hike Written By: Flip-Flop If you’re wondering why in the world we decided to thru-hike during the pandemic

The hundred year wind storm September 7th, 2020 Just North of Trout Lake, WA – Pacific Crest Trail Written by: Flip-Flop We

Why we decided to thru-hike during the COVID pandemic March 11th, 2020 – Julian, California – Pacific Crest Trail We started our

Photos from Day 1 - March 11th

Photos from Day 202 - September 29th

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