The Best Camp Stove For Only $20!

Written by: Flip-Flop

If you’re planning your next overnight backpacking trip you’ll need to think about what you’re going to eat while on your hike. 

Some of the food you will consume will be instant, like snacks or cold meals. 

But for those of us who enjoy a warm meal or coffee in the morning; there are two options for your kitchen in the woods: a campfire, or a CAMP STOVE.

There were many times on our thru-hikes that we cooked our meals on a campfire. However, building a campfire every night takes time, to prepare, make coals, cook, then eat and extinguish the fire before bed. Many nights on trail we simply didn’t have the energy for all that and more importantly campfires weren’t always allowed or possible in the weather situations we found ourselves in. So when a campfire can’t be made, the camp stove was born.

Our very first camp stove was an AMAZON stove!

For just over $20 this orange box held our portable kitchen on all of our thru-hikes (AT 2016, AT 2018, PCT 2020). It has an attached lighter/starter and only weighs 4.8 ounces, considering its affordable price. 

This stove has been with us through it all, and has boiled so many pots of water for us we’ve lost count. Don’t be fooled by it’s price or judge it by being sold on Amazon. It’s a good reminder that you don’t always need the most expensive gear to have a good hike. 😉 

It comes highly recommended. I mean have you seen how many 5 star reviews it has on amazon?!? Pretty impressive if you ask me. 

All purchases made through this link help support our adventures!
Thank You!
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Not Murphy
Not Murphy
3 years ago

A happy blog hello to you