Welcome to Appalachian Trail Tales

The Appalachian Trail was our first love when it came to thru-hiking! <3

In 2016 Caveman hiked from the Approach Arch to Glasgow Virginia 
May 2nd to July 23rd – over 800 miles

In 2018 we both (Caveman & Flip-Flop) hiked from Springer Mountain to Mt. Katahdin!
March 13th to September 14th – 2,198 miles

These are just some of our stories that we still share from our adventures on the Appalachian trail.
A combination of our best and worst moments, and what we learned along the way. 

Appalachian Trail Tales

I walked 1,200 miles in these shoes July 30th, 2021 – Trail mementos – Appalachian Trail Written By: Flip-Flop I have a

Flash Floods Do Exist June 28, 2018 – Pennsylvania – Appalachian Trail Written By: Flip-Flop We left an overcrowded shelter, and we

Our First Ever Rattlesnake Encounter June 19th, 2018 – Pennsylvania – Appalachian Trail It was this day that we experienced the true

Photos from day 1 - March 13th

Photos from day 185 - September 14th

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